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Limiting Conditions

This appraisal is subject to the following terms and conditions:

The item(s) described in this report has been examined by Jewel Scan. This report contains a description of the article(s) using generally accepted grading techniques at the time of examination. Weight and measurements are approximate as grading allows.

Jewel Scan makes no warranty or representation regarding this report. In making this report, we do not agree to purchase or replace the article. The value(s) expressed herein is based on the appraiser’s best judgement and opinion as to the ESTIMATED RETAIL REPLACEMENT VALUE* and is not a representation or warranty that the item(s) will realize that value if offered for sale or otherwise. The value(s) expressed is based on current information, excluding federal, provincial sales taxes, however, applicable import duties and excise taxes are included, on the date indicated. No opinion is hereby expressed as to any past or future value.

Jewel Scan’s fees were not contingent on the values derived. Jewel Scan and its employees represent that they acted in a completely independent manner with respect to this report. We further represent that no principal or employee of Jewel Scan has or had any direct or indirect financial or material interest in the gems, the jewellery, the submittee, or its affiliates or the actions of the submittee or its representatives. The appraisal report and/or identification report is to be used and interpreted in its entirety.

*ESTIMATED RETAIL REPLACEMENT VALUE FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES: The valuation shall give the approximate cost or replacing or recreating the item(s). The valuation contained in this appraisal takes into consideration market prices, cost of labour, materials, creative design, certification and the previous stone and metal markets at the time of examination. PLEASE NOTE, THE APPRAISERS BONA FIDE OPINION AS TO THE VALUE OF A JEWELLERY ITEM(S) MAY VARY BY UP TO TWENTY FIVE PERCENT.

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