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Jewellery Appraisal Process

What is a jewellery appraisal?

A jewellery appraisal is a written professional opinion of the authenticity,Diamonds quality, design and approximate value of a piece of jewellery, for purposes including retail replacement, probate or estate. Since it is an ‘informed, professional opinion’, there can be variations between appraisals.
Jewel Scan guarantees your appraisal is performed according to the AAP Code of Ethics and Standards
and the Jewellery Appraisal Guidelines – Minimum Acceptable Standards published by the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) and Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC).

Jewel Scan provides jewellery appraisal services to clients in Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Scarborough and across the GTA. In-vault or on-site jewellery appraisals are available at an additional fee.

We provide jewellery appraisal reports for a range of client purposes including: insurance, legal property settlements, in preparation for sale, asset liquidation. We are always happy to provide you with a trusted second opinion!

What can a Certified Appraiser provide?
  • Proof of the diamond, gemstones and metal content of your prized jewellery
  • An expert, unbiased opinion that a purchase you are considering is worth the price you are being asked to pay
  • Detailed documentation for insurance purposes
  • Assessments for your own personal records
  • Evidence of possession to allow stress free border crossing
  • Valuation for equitable division of property, in probating procedures (inherited jewellery) or divorce settlements
What can you expect from Jewel Scan?

Jewel Scan guarantees all documentation meets insurance standards. As part of a jewellery appraisal, each piece of jewelry is weighed, measured, and described in detail including the following:

    • Metal content is determined.
    • All diamonds are described with weight, shape, color, clarity.
    • Diamonds over 1/2 carat in size are diagramed (plotted) to document the internal characteristics of the diamond and further details regarding proportions are included if required.
    • Gemstones are identified, graded, measured, and their weights calculated.
    • Colored gemstones are described with weight, shape, color, clarity with further detail when appropriate.
    • Pearls are identified, graded and measured.
    • Watches are described with brand, model, movement, metal & condition with further details when appropriate.

Your jewellery appraisal report also includes 3 enlarged digital color photos of your jewellery items. Your report will include an explanation of the grading systems used and of the appraised value. These reports also provide instructions for the appropriate use of the appraisal document.

Appraisal Checklist
  • Credentials
  • Date of appraisal
  • Date of examination of item (if different)
  • Printed name and signature of appraise or authorized representative
  • Spot metal prices
  • Trademarks, hallmarks and quality marks
  • Name and address of person or firm for whom the appraisal was prepared
  • Type of item
  • Verification of authenticity
  • Quantity of pieces
  • Gender style (if applicable)
  • Metal and content analysis
  • Detailed description of all stones (within limits)
  • Total gross weight of item
  • Photographs
  • Currency used
  • Equipment used
  • Disclosure/limiting conditions (if applicable)

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